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Production/ Development / in Television and Radio /Film

Professional Summary
This is not an academic summary. The many papers in academic medicine are not in this document
This is not a listing of media appearances

Current personal projects:
RAD tm radio educational series on radiation
DYING TO KNOW tm series for radio
Book No More Uterine Cancer #169;
Book No More Cervical Cancer #169;
Sold No More Hysterectomies to Chinese Publisher Edit on it for Asia

Demetra daughter Freshman academic scholar Yale University Neuro Science
Tara Digital daughter Media for major Channel NY NY
Paul partner aerospace engineer
Hobbies: fine art able to draw any medical picture
Clay work, cooking, and travel
Education: finishing Phd./ Studies at CG Jung

Organization skills:
Able to run both small and large teams radio station or television production studio
Able to translate technical/ scientific material for public understanding
Able to target immediate community needs and provide media exposure while giving the public a “voice” Facility with social networking and program development
History of In depth research to provide news “first “breaking stories •
Relationships with local politicians in NY and LA to have access • Aware of systems in enforcement/government and knows the failures of these systems
•Able to raise funds by events and online projects

Psychological background facilitates ability to motivate staff for team focus and deal with individual needs of staff• Able to turn chaotic situations into focused and organized system •Successful Grant writer • Published bestselling author • Behind the camera or in front of it able to create and work on feet


The Ethical Doctor Current
One hour live radio program covering issues of women’s health
Also covering news breaking stories LIBBY ZION LOAN CRIMES
Dying to Know Current
Radio time filler like NPR segments on unusual death. Fills 5-6 min open time and supports station. Interest is in the topics which are story driven and often bizarre to cause public gossip. Markets station

The Ethical Times Project. Member of the internet provided space for Hufnagel to develop new concept in on line news. In development .

The Hufnagel Bioethics Institute Current
Founder and Board Member Not for Profit
Promotes Ethics in science and Medicine

Historical events :
Wrote sections of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” Simon and Schuster first edition
Founded Berkeley Women’s Health Collective
Founded Ourbodies Oursleves at UC Berkeley as classes for students
Created new field of medicine Female Reconstructive Surgery
Published best seller NO MORE HYSTERECTOMIES
Published NO MORE MENOPAUSE and bought rights for reprints
Publisher in China bought rights to 2 books including new book NO MORE CERVICAL CANCER

Member of AFTRA served as television medical reporter in NYC Los Angeles
  • Reported news, wrote copy, set up set and talent full production of medical segments
  • Radio Medical News reporter ABC CBS National
  • Who NY one hour show Herbody for 4 years till moved back to Los Angeles
  • ?WHO Iowa with Jan Mickelson on air segments for many years impacted city with better health
  • Multiple radio shows as expert USA and UK


  • Dateline NBC with Prod. Maryanne Haggerty Special on female circumcision
  • Saved 2 girls raised money to keep them in USA . Helped developed story, subject research and on air interview
  • 60 Minutes Prod. Marti Gavalnos development of health EXPOSE series on medical abuses over looked by routine reporting
  • 20/ 20 Prod. Natalie Brown for Barbara Walters on hysterectomy abuse All research for segment and model of issues and events
  • Life Line- Documentary Series NBC central character became focus as intern at USC Medical Center who was must trusted by Chief Resident Dan Smith. Public remembers I slept sitting up in order to waste no time to get to a patient
  • Hard Copy Fox- producer on Dr. Death exposing 3 murders by Dr. Kevorkian .Provided no disease in three women at all and no research done by Kevorkian he just killed them . Footage not aired as to criminal acts and still available at Fox for editing and airing. This material show psychopathology of Kevorkian not made public all these years.
  • Biggers and Summers Lifetime produced and on camera women’s health education series on program

Expert Data Provision:
Education on code blue team action and abdominal tumor to Vi Neil for use in Flatliners and Alien used for visuals. Vi Neil patient .
Consultant for education on genetics and research for Gattaca Andrew Niccol .Physician of Mr. Niccol’s first wife.
Consultant to Producer Peter Guber for film development : history of human development and sexual selection, transsexuals and operations performed to change sex appearance.
Consultant to George Clayton Johnson after Logan’s Run to provide genetic and reproductive medicine advances and futuristic concepts of conception.
  • Achievement Award Women In Film for creation of Women’s Cable Network
  • Emmy award as writer for LA Law “Good to the last drop” exposed unnecessary hysterectomies in the nation
  • HBO award for “ Girl Talk “ series a 10 year old Tara asks questions of adults with no holding back

    Major News Stories broken :
  • Proof of Novastar Crimes
  • Cover Up Libby Zion Case
  • Oviduct Bust of the FDA
  • Sabin vs Salk
  • Implant migration FDA
  • UAE killing women FDA
  • Frauds in women’s health care expose on going
  • No More Series of books

    This does not cover all degrees and all education. Of importance is that with several decorates in medicine I can speak on all medical science and medical health issues. My work in philosophy, bioethics and psychology extend my foundation. I attended about 2 years in law school in order to write law. I am the only MD to write state law to protect patients in the nation.
  • Triple Major at UC Berkeley went directly to medical school without graduation
  • MD University of Ca San Francisco Medical Center
  • Phd Alternative Medicine
  • Phd Naturopathic Med
  • MA Social Artist
  • Phd Philosophy and Psychology pending thesis from Graduate Theological Foundation
  • Currently studying Jungian Analysis
  • West LA Law School
  • A full medical resume is available over 30 pages.

    MEDIA WORK Education
  • 2009 learning control board at KPFK from Mark Maxwell
  • Kalminson and Kalminson -Full voice workshops Commercial / Character/ News/one year of voice studies
  • voice: seductive, maternal, animation for all characters, trusting, scientific, authority
  • 2004-2007 Media and ethics GTF
  • San Francisco Art Academe MA program in Film
  • ACE editor
  • Member of Directors Guild Intern Program
  • AFI Directors Program
  • Member of Writers Guild

  • Force of Nature New World Movie Script
  • The Dr. Mary Walker Story Movie Script

  • Loan Crimes
  • Corporate Crimes
  • Libby Zion Case and Creation of Foundation for her memorial and ongoing work
  • Celebrity Medicine Expose
  • Suzanne Somers / Sally Field /Brook Shields
  • Creation of on line paper for public radio : The Ethical Times


    3701 Multitier Drive, Los Angeles , Ca 90068
    323-874-5530 Fax 213-402-8654

    Career Focus Writer/Editor/producer responsibilities to provide in depth reporting on health and medical news. All media formats with social media viral focus and development of new concepts of communication

Career Focus Writer/Editor/producer responsibilities to provide in depth reporting on health and medical news. All media formats with social media viral focus and development of new concepts of communication Experience Summary •The following list is of a few of the stories researched and brought to the press/media by Dr. Hufnagel

  • Exposed the Sabin Salk war that had taken place but was not covered for the public. The CDC failed to notify the public for years that the Sabine Vaccine was causing thousands of polio cases each year
  • Exposed the fact that clitoralectomy was performed in the USA to treat masturbation up until the 50’s. Exposed in 90’s surgeon in Ohio claiming this improved sex and performed removal of clitoral tissue on 100’s of women
  • Provided documents and story on the fact that Dr. Henry Foster nominated by Clinton was commonly performing hysterectomies on many female children in state care homes where the children were to be protected by the state. Parents were not able to stop these events. Public was kept ignorant this was taking place for years.
  • Demanded FDA for a recall on OVIDUCT product a silicone injection into the fallopian tubes. The product was spilling silicone into the bodies of women causing severe complications. FDA stopped the research but failed to recall this product and has never informed the over 8,000 women who have had this done that it was not approved and has serious complications Washington Post
  • Exposed that national GI medical association heads were intentionally blocking the approval of Virtual Colonoscopy from approval for use for some 12 years. Dr. Bill Glen gave the history of this live on WBAI.
  • Cold Case review of Libby Zion on WBAI with DA Adam Zion live on air that a probable cover up took place. The fact that no senior attending is at NY University Hospital still is the condition of risk facing all patients. Hufnagel began rules of medical conduct. Never leave anyone who is seriously ill in a hospital alone policy to save lives.
  • Showed that hysterectomy was the most overly performed elective surgery costing billions of dollars and human suffering. NY Times
  • Educated the Public on class action law suit of hospitals over billing the poor
  • Educated the public that a law was created to prevent litigation for device defects
  • Exposed that Upjohn was fraudulently advertizing the use of Lupron by medical experts who were in fact condemning it’s use.
  • Showed that silicone migrates in to chest wall from saline implants that the FDA has continued to fail to report this to the public. Chest was deformity from silicone and saline implants shown with chest xrays.HLA determined antigen antibody reaction to silicone. Congressional Reporter
  • Reported that FDA approved silicone bead use for Uterine Artery remobilization which cannot be detected by x ray. So that removal when complications occurred was impossible to perform. This is a major device failure. No action taken by FDA
  • Reported that Suzann Somers has been charging thousands of dollars for MDs to use her system and pharmacy for hormones. She and physicians working with her and pharmacy are all breaking the STARK LAW. Somers and her lackey MDs were not providing basic informed consent. Somers as a celebrity has been unethical and breaking law such as practicing medicine without a license.
  • Reported that Suzann Somers had breast cancer and a hysterectomy as a result of her hormone program. She also stole the idea on hormone replacement but failed to use the safe protocol created for it. She did this with malicious intention.
  • Reported on how Suzann Somers profits from her books which are all designed to sell product. Her book on her father’s alcoholic abuse she published without discussion with her family. She held herself out as a psychological expert and milked millions of dollars creating therapy centers selling her name. You could even buy her phone hold tape for $125.00 a month. She billed for everything promising a full healing program that was never provided by her company. It was a marketing program lacking protocol, informed consent or disclosure. Her life style is over the top with 300 dollar bath towels and 1,000 sheets that she MUST have. And her yearly trip to France at all five star hotels. Her behavior she is one driven by money not caring for the public. She caused the only women’s health care center on having uteri to be closed in order to not pay her portion of the mortgage .
  • Reported on the many plastic surgeries Suzann Somers has had and lies to the public to sell her products on her looks which are surgical produced. Injections, liposuction, nips and tucks for years.
  • Reported on how the over use of soy products is a cause for uterine cancer. Women have misinformation on use of soy and misconception that “natural “items do not cause disease. Hufnagel listed many natural items that are used by women which cause serious disease or complication.
  • First to report on the fact that Premarin is a cause of breast cancer in women
  • First to report that progestins/Provera causes heart disease in women
  • First to describe Bio Identical Hormones 1983 and the fact that First to progesterone is relationship to Pre Menstrual syndrome bring the work of Dr. Katherine Dalton UK work to the USA.
  • First to describe Pre Natal process and pregnancy planning explaining genetics ,teratogens and the need for folic acid to prevent neural tube defects
  • Anti Celebrity Medicine series exposing : Boniva’s life threading complications –Sally Field
  • How Cancer could develop from Suzann Somers’s Hormones
  • Permanent eye damage from Lash treatment Brook Shields
  • NASA develops safe and cheap means to prevent osteoporosis. Review of NASA work in vibration , far infra red and cold laser has application today in reversing disease.
  • Describes how the DRG system is used to kill the elderly Case David Schuster Wisconsin Reports on multiple cases of sexual harassment at the NIH ignored by Dr. Healy while she head the NIH. Enormous numbers of complaints against Dr. Healy for not helping women on staff at NIH
  • Reported on conflict of interest of Dr. Healy in setting up the Women’s. Failure to set up natural formulas for the study. Dr. Healy was given notice by many women's health experts that the study would create cancer in women . Dr. Healy ignored these communications .
    Computer Skills WordPerfect • Microsoft Word • PageMaker • Ventura Publisher • IBM and Macintosh Systems You Tube and other media skills Medical Graphic arts

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